Call for Better Private API Detecting Tools and Policy

Since Apple can automatically detect Private API usage, why not run the auto detection as soon as apps are submitted, so that API-incompliant apps can be rejected immediately, rather than after a week of waiting?

Not So Pure Reader

Pure Reader is really beautiful. However, it is just a bit too pure, to the extend that some functionalities I need/want are missing. So I impurified it to bring back those missing parts.


Time Warp in Animation

CAMediaTiming offers a small set of properties. It is sufficient to do all kinds of time warps, if you know what exactly every property means and how to use it.


微博源自 Twitter

微博源自 Twitter,走出了自己的路,是多媒体化、论坛化的 Twitter。


欺诈 app 追杀记

App Store 盗版 app 泛滥,我已十分痛心。现在连欺诈 app 都大张旗鼓了,忍无可忍,就此大开杀戒!

Great Jobs, Apple!

To Steve Jobs and Apple on the day he resigned as CEO.


又一个欺诈 app 团伙

中国 App Store 已全然是无主之地!我对  甚是失望。任骗子卖狗皮膏药,眼看用户上当受骗,难道你愿看他们伤了心,对你失了信,离你而去?何况,不义之财你抽三成,真希望大家说你“分赃”?

Zenburn Theme for Xcode 4

如果默认主题让你眼睛疲倦的话,试试 Zenburn。暗色系,低对比度,适合长时间编码。



如何用 iPhone、iPad 键盘输入书名号、中文引号

iOS 中文键盘可以输入中文特有标点符号。键盘上找不到的话,尝试长按形似标点符号键。还是找不到?那可能你遇上了 bug,我有解决办法。首先,iOS 中文键盘是可以输入书名号、中文引号等中文特有标点符号的。