Not So Pure Reader


Not So Pure Reader

I like Google Reader. I like Reeder. I like Reeder styled Google Reader. Na Wong gifted me one – Pure Reader.

Pure Reader is really beautiful. I admire the delicacy of Na’s design. However, it is just a bit too pure, to the extend that some functionalities I need/want are missing.

So I impurified Pure Reader to bring back those missing parts. The end result is reasonably named Not So Pure Reader.

Most hard work has already been done by Na, I’ve done relatively little. So credit still to Na.

Here are the spots:

  • Search: search in Pure Reader does not work, which I believe is a bug and not what Na intended.
  • Highlight current entry – I’m easily lost otherwise.
  • Magnification (using =/- keys) works – I have poor eyesight.
  • ☆ at the end of entry: usually one stars an entry only after one finishes reading it, hence it is not so convenient if one can not easily see at the end whether it is stared or not, especially for long entries.
  • Like: it is the initial motivation for me to unpurify Pure Reader – sometimes I just don’t have enough time to read all the articles and I’m glad to let the community vote up the good ones for me.
  • Entry tags – I have organizational OCD, besides the tag editing box pops up in a strange position if a keyboard shortcut user presses t in Pure Reader.
  • Author – not every blog is singly authored.
  • Visual difference between read and unread expanded entries – I really get lost easily, and I’m even not sure whether I’ve read the current entry sometimes. Besides, it is useful if one wants to keep the current entry to read later for one can be more certain that it is marked unread.
  • Goto icon for source links – it is handy if one wants to subscribe blogs shared by friends, just one click to go.
  • Disable optimizeLegibility – current version of Safari (5.0.3) has bugs that render some text in block quotes unselectable if optimizeLegibility is enabled for text-rendering. Though these bugs seem fixed in WebKit Nightly Builds, I’ll keep optimizeLegibility disabled until these bug fixes find their way in official release of Safari.

Source code:
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.