Cell Data Unbinding

Data unbinding cannot be safely done for UITableViewCell or UICollectionViewCell.

Overridden Overload Resolution

When override gets involved, overload resolution becomes quite a puzzle.

Recursion Is Dangerous

Recursive functions are elegant but dangerous to use in Swift.

Objective-C Invocation Forwarding

The big picture of Objective-C invocation forwarding.

Raw Value Types

Any LiteralConvertible can be enumeration raw values.

Reorder Defaulted Function Arguments

Defaulted arguments are allowed to be reordered.

CABasicAnimation Value Interpolation

Apple's documentation of CABasicAnimation value interpolation is wrong.

Enhance iOS Keyboard Switching Experience for Multilingual Users

The experience of switching keyboards is bad for multilingual users. I propose an enhanced design.

针对多语言用户的 iOS 键盘切换体验改进

对多语言用户来说,iOS 键盘切换体验不好。我提出一个设计改进。

Iterate, Generate, Destroy

Destructive iteration sounds horrifying but your sequences are safe.