Three Things Apple Didn’t Tell You About In-App Purchase

You read once again In-App Purchase Programming Guide and completely, yet still can not make the sandbox work. Now may be the time for a break to get something fresh.

欺诈 App 追杀记——迟到的战果

历时半载,龙抬头时,终斩获小妖一二,回顾一路艰辛,附 App Store 生存指南。作拜年礼,赠与各种有求、有爱、有魔之人。有求之人用以防身,有爱之人用以传播,有魔之人用以救赎。

又一个欺诈 app 团伙

中国 App Store 已全然是无主之地!我对  甚是失望。任骗子卖狗皮膏药,眼看用户上当受骗,难道你愿看他们伤了心,对你失了信,离你而去?何况,不义之财你抽三成,真希望大家说你“分赃”?

欺诈 app 追杀 — 给 App Store 的信


欺诈 app 追杀记

App Store 盗版 app 泛滥,我已十分痛心。现在连欺诈 app 都大张旗鼓了,忍无可忍,就此大开杀戒!

Call for Better Private API Detecting Tools and Policy

Since Apple can automatically detect Private API usage, why not run the auto detection as soon as apps are submitted, so that API-incompliant apps can be rejected immediately, rather than after a week of waiting?