Iterate, Generate, Destroy

Destructive iteration sounds horrifying but your sequences are safe.


新浪微博开放平台最近半年的策略调整搞死了很多第三方应用。照此节奏,Moke 也快了。果真的话,此文算是提前写的遗言。

Unify Type Properties and Methods

The coexistence of ‘static’ and ‘class’ keywords is confusing. We should unify type properties and methods in Swift.

Moke 2014 以及1元应用效应

2014年,Moke 2 发布,中国 App Store 引入1元定价,我得到了什么,学到了什么。

Expose Mutable Properties as Immutable

It is a common API design pattern. But how to do it in Swift is not well known.

iBand + iPod > iWatch

iWatch, no. iBand and new iPod, yes. iBud, maybe.

View Controller Actor Chain

How to use UIViewController actor chain on iOS 8 and how it is implemented.

Objective-C Initializer Design Rules

Rules to follow when designing initializers.

The Inconsistent Order of View Transition Events

Code depending on the order of view transition events is dangerous for it is so inconsistent.

The Complete Objective-C Messaging Flow

How do method lookup, dynamic resolution and message forwarding work together in objc_msgSend?