Cell Data Unbinding

Data unbinding cannot be safely done for UITableViewCell or UICollectionViewCell.

App Store 2.0,用户 1.0


Moke 3 可能只是个故事

少数派 Moke 3 采访的完整记录。

Overridden Overload Resolution

When override gets involved, overload resolution becomes quite a puzzle.


这世界处处阴险,需要时时防备?说说 Annotable 的内购。

Recursion Is Dangerous

Recursive functions are elegant but dangerous to use in Swift.

Objective-C Invocation Forwarding

The big picture of Objective-C invocation forwarding.

Raw Value Types

Any LiteralConvertible can be enumeration raw values.

Reorder Defaulted Function Arguments

Defaulted arguments are allowed to be reordered.

CABasicAnimation Value Interpolation

Apple's documentation of CABasicAnimation value interpolation is wrong.