The Inconsistent Order of View Transition Events

Code depending on the order of view transition events is dangerous for it is so inconsistent.

The Complete Objective-C Messaging Flow

How do method lookup, dynamic resolution and message forwarding work together in objc_msgSend?

Delegate VS Block in API Design

Wherever delegate works block also works, but sometimes delegate is still a better choice in API design.

My 2014 Todo List

Things I want to do most in 2014.

A Surprising Corner Case of Using NSNotification, NSOperationQueue and GCD

I found a very interesting corner case of using NSNotification, NSOperationQueue and GCD. Without precaution, I dare say 99% of experienced iOS/OS X developers would fall for it.

The Danger of Invisible Pools

The danger is in the invisible. The danger is in regions that are out of your control.


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My 2013 Todo List

Things I want to do most in 2013.

谴责 ShareSDK 盗用「墨客」图片的行为

ShareSDK 在其官方网站以及对外宣传过程中侵权使用了「墨客」的图片,更让人发指的是,其公开发布的 SDK 中包含了「墨客」的图片文件,这意味着其不但是自己侵权,而且让其用户也跟着一起侵权。我必须让其停止此侵权行为,公开致歉,并且有效通知其用户不得使用侵权资源。